How to create Zoom connection
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About Zoom Integration

Viva Translate's Zoom OAuth integration enables you to access Viva services using your Zoom account and allows the Viva Meeting Assistant to join automatically to your Zoom meetings. If you are the meeting host this will allow the Meeting Assistant to start recording the meeting automatically, if that is not the case then the meeting host will be asked for recording permissions. The recording permission request will activate the built-in Zoom recording audio-visual notification, which cannot be altered or disabled.

Required scopes

  • user:read: This scope is employed to access and match your Zoom account profile with your Viva Translate account.

  • meeting:read: This scope allows Viva Meeting Assistant to retrieve details about your Zoom meetings once they are created on your calendar.

  • user_zak:read: This scope enables the Viva Meeting Assistant to join meetings where "Only Authenticated Users can Join" enforcement is enabled.

Connect your account

To connect your Zoom account with Viva Translate you can create a new Viva Account using the Zoom OAuth for authentication in the Sign-in / Register page. If you have a Viva account, you can go to your account profile and look for the Connect Zoom button.

You can connect the Meeting Assistant to the meeting just copying the meeting link and pasting it in the Viva Translate desktop app. After a few seconds, the Meeting Assistant will be joined to the meeting.

Disconnect your account

To disconnect your account you can go to your user profile and use the Disconnect Zoom button, or you can delete your user account. Once the Zoom account gets disconnected you will be able to access your Viva Account with other connected methods or your email, and the generated data will be kept on your account, but the Viva Meeting Assistant will not join any other meeting.

If you delete your account all your data will be erased from our servers and automatically removed the connection to your Zoom account.

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